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The legend of the Bell Witch, as told in BELL WITCH: The Movie recounts the terrifying true story of the Bell family in 19th century Tennessee. The legend of the Bell Witch has enthralled listeners for nearly 200 years and is documented in Tennessee State history as the only example of a spirit murdering a person.

BELL WITCH: The Movie was shot in High Definition on location in East Tennessee’s Sevier and Blount Counties using over 200 cast and crew from the East Tennessee area along with additional cast and crew from LA, New York, Wilmington, and Orlando.

BELL WITCH: The Movie, the CD motion picture soundtrack, and the Book are all now available at Cinemarr Entertainment, 104 Church St. Sevierville, TN. 37862, you can call 865-429-0941 for more information or purchase online at For more pictures and info visit::

Burbank, CA – Big River Pictures LLC, in association with Cinema Entertainment and Digital Films Distribution, announce the official release of the long-awaited BELL WITCH: The Movie, a family-friendly movie that scares up thrills for the family.

This motion picture was shot and mastered in High Definition and stars Betsy Palmer (Friday the 13th) as the voice of the best insurance agent in Bell Witch.

Closely following this historically and well-documented legend of The Bell Witch of Adams, Tennessee, BELL WITCH: The Movie also combines a chilling soundtrack of original as well as traditional Bluegrass and Americana music with sweeping, scenic images to create an eerie backdrop for this 200 year-old legend.

This picture is described as a real love story turned tragic when entangled with the quite legendary haunting of the Bell Witch. After stumbling thru the ancient burial (in what is now known as the Bell Witch Cave), brothers John Jr. along with Williams Bell together bring a curse home to their beloved family causing their father, John, and sister, Betsy, to experience crazy phantom attacks in the middle of the night as well as strange visions in the day. Nothing quite enrages the spirit of the Bell Witch more than Betsy’s relationship with her fiancé, Joshua Gardner. The only real hope of escaping the witch’s torment is death…a fate the Bell Witch is more than happy to deliver.